Ligers In Zoos

Ligers are spectacular animals, being absolutely unique in the world. In fact, ligers have occurred by accident in captivity and numerous zoos from all around the world currently home this wonderful specie. A liger is a hybrid between a lion and a tigress, being much bigger than both parents. A liger weights in average 400 kilograms, inheriting characteristics from tigers and lions, as well. For instance, the liger loves to swim. Seeing these wonderful animals in zoos will surely be an exciting experience, as there is really no way you will not be both charmed and amazed by ligers. 

The zoos within the United States currently host the largest number of ligers, compared to any other country all around the world. So, we can surely say that the United States is the home of numerous ligers, statistics showing that the country homes more than 20,000 animals which can be included in the category of big cats, including also ligers. Breeding ligers is legal in the United States, and so these wonderful animals can be visited all around the country, including the zoos in Florida, Utah or Naples, Dakota and Miami zoos. Various animals exhibitions are held all around the country, the most famous ones being in Shambala, Orangutans and Simangs. In these places, ligers actually are the most important attractions.

Although ligers can be visited in many zoos, there also are countries in which the breeding of ligers has been banned. For instance, in 2010 a man has been charged for illegally breeding ligers. The first ligers to be born in Taiwan have however managed to change the way people in this country saw the amazing specie. They were born on August 15 in a private zoo, while their pictures circulated over the Internet for months. Well, authorities did not agree with the facts, although the zoo owner claimed that the breeding was actually an accident which occurred within the zoo, as tigers and lions were kept in the same enclosure. Despite this aspect, Taiwan’s authorities claimed that protected species breeding is illegal, as they have numerous defects, being for instance infertile. So, breeding them would be a cruel thing to do from this point of view.