Ligers In News Reports

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Ligers have become increasingly fascinating in the past few years, especially as new animals from this species have been born. The Daily ran a report on The Rare Species Fund in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where they found one of the largest felines of the world, a liger called Hercules. The report focuses on a presentation of the species, including amazing footage with cubs and with the full grown Hercules. You can see the whole report in the following video:

Initially, the news that shocked the world was that involving Hercules and the proof that a hybrid animal is the largest feline in the world. That is the moment in which ligers became so interesting for many people and the documentaries and news started to be more and more frequent on them and on other related subjects. However, Hercules was not the only liger to make the headlines, as two cub ligers, born in China, managed to gain even more attention after they were adopted by a female dog and raised and fed by it alongside with its puppies. You can see the news footage here:

These are probably the most famous news reports on ligers that you have to see, if you want to find out more about the aspects which started the frenzy on these amazing animals. The popularity of ligers grew significantly once with the apparition of Hercules and of other representatives of the hybrid species, while the zoos and the nature parks in which they are kept have increased their number of visitors significantly.

Ligers Get the Best of Both Parents

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While there is only a handful of ligers in the world, the people’s interest for them is becoming higher by the day. This fascinating hybrid species is both intriguing and fascinating, since ligers have some pretty unique features and characteristics. They are a hybrid cross between male lions and tigresses and are now the largest felines ever known. With such amazing species as parents, the result of their crossbreed could not be less phenomenal.


The most interesting thing about ligers is that they have inherited the best of both parents. They resemble both the lions and the tigers, but they only got the good parts from these species.


1. Ligers enjoy swimming, just like tigers. Lions are not fond of the water and can barely swim.

2. Ligers are very sociable, just like lions. Tigers do not socialize and tend to be more solitary. However, as there are not many ligers in the world, they live a solitary life in captivity, usually in zoos or sanctuaries. They are always surrounded by people (either caregivers or zoo visitors), so they are not utterly alone.

3. Ligers have an amazing speed, of about 50 mph (80 km/h) and even 60 mph in some cases. This capability of speeding themselves comes from their mothers. Lions are also fast, but not as fast as tigers. Therefore, they have become the second-fastest feline runners in the world, topped only by the cheetah. This may be hard to believe, considering their impressive size and large bodies. However, it is their large bodies and heavy weight that helps them reach such a speed.


4. Ligers can grab the prey down, precisely because of their speed and strength. They can also hunt big preys, which is a characteristic of both lions and tigers.

5. Ligers can be ambush hunters, just like their parents. This means that they use their natural cover to stalk their victims up close until making the move and attacking.

6. Ligers tend to inherit the lions’ physical appearance. They look like giant lions with muted stripes or spots running through it. The spots come from the lion and the stripes come from the tigress.

7. Ligers roar like lions and chuff like tigers. The grunt at the end is clearly a lion “trademark”. It is very interesting how they make both lion and tiger sounds.


Even though they have inherited so many great features from their parents, ligers grow much larger than either parent. In average, they can reach over 1000 pounds (450 kilos) in weight and more than 12 ft (6.7 meters) in length, which makes them about 40% larger than their parents. This is normal for all crossbreeds, since hybridization often leads to gigantism.

Clearly, ligers get the best of both parents. They are quite lucky, since this is rarely the case with hybrid species. They also look amazing and have an impressive figure, which makes them extremely appealing for numerous people. After all, not everyday they get the chance to see such freaks of nature. Or, better said, freaks of scientists who one day thought: “how about we make a hybrid?”. Luckily, their experiment did not result in a horrible mutation, but in a beautiful animal which is a real treat for the eye.

Meet Hercules – The Most Famous Liger In The Wold

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Ligers are amazingly beautiful animals. They are the result of crossbreeding male lions and female tigers and they can surely impress with their huge sizes. This mix can only be breed in captivity, as into the wild these two species don’t co-exist in the same habitat. A liger is a really impressive animal. He is larger than both of his parents and we can surely say that the liger has only inherited what is best from each of them.

Hercules is without a doubt the most famous liger in the world. Featured in numerous television shows, but also movies, this liger is a beautiful feline celebrity. He actually appeared as a guest at the Tonight Show, but not only, Hercules also making appearances in Good Morning America, Anderson Cooper 360, Inside Edition and even in a Maxim magazine article.

Hercules became best known as the largest non-obese liger in the world, actually being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest living cat on Earth. The beautiful liger has about 904 pounds and a really interesting aspect about Hercules is that at the age of only 3 he already had 900 pounds. He is 10 feet tall staying on his back legs. He commonly eats 200 pounds of meat a day, but a liger is capable of eating 100 pounds of meat at every meal. He loves to swim and Hercules can run at 50 mph. Hercules is a very social animal, too, so there is no wonder after all that people love him so much.


As Hercules is non-obese and really healthy, this amazing animal is expected to live for many years. This aspect is quite curious, as most ligers develop a variety of health issues. They tend to have birth defects and other kind of mutations, which much shorten their life span. Like all other ligers, Hercules was born by the accidental cross of a lion and a tigress. He was born at the Institute of Endangered and Rare Species, in Miami. Male ligers are sterile, meaning that producing a liger to liger cub would be impossible.


Hercules currently lives at Jungle Island, so anyone can visit this amazing animal here. Jungle Island is a famous interactive zoological park located in Watson Island, Miami, Florida. Here visitors will find the largest wildlife arena in the world. On the other side of the Jungle Theater area, visitors will be able to see the home of Hercules. The 900 pound liger is worth to be visited each time when being in this spot. He has four beautiful brothers you can also visit, Sinbad, Vulcan, Zesus and Aries. Aries was born in 2010, while Hercules is 10 years old.

Point Facts On The Amazing Ligers

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We all know that ligers are amazing animals and that they are the result of the cross breeding between a lion and a tiger. There are many more other interesting facts about these felines that are known to smaller groups of people. Many have focused on learning where they can actually see these animals in zoos and in natural preserves, while others have considered the fact that their apparition is a matter of controversy, due to the fact that the breeding may not have been accidental. Regardless, before forming an opinion it is best to have all the facts in mind and to know why you have opted for a certain side of the story.

The first breeding was not accidental at all. It was actually orchestrated by Mr. Thomas Atkins. Due to his arrangement of the lions and of the tigers, the breeding was bound to happen. It started in 1824, with the first litter born in Windsor, which was formed out of one female and two males. The second litter came the following year at Clapham Common. In 1827, the third litter surfaced in Edinburgh, followed by the forth one the next year in Windsor. The fifth and the sixth litters came in 1831 at Kensington and in 1833 at the Zoological Garden of Liverpool. Although the species was developed so many years ago, many people have taken notice of these animals in the film Napoleon Dynamite.

Another interesting fact about the species of felines is that it is the largest one in the world, weighting around 900 lbs, but with a maximum reached point of 1600 lbs and 12 feet in height. The major mass of these animals is created by the fact that they have strong lion genes, but also by the fact that they require a 100 pounds of meat meal for each sitting. Although they are very massive, they can run at an average speed of up to 50 miles per hour. From the category of lion and tiger combinations, which have created ligers, you should also know that these have inherited both “speech” forms from their parents, meaning that they can roar, but they can also puff. Among some of the preferences of these animals, you can count swimming and… chocolate! There are many more interesting facts about the ligers, which will surely make you want to see them in zoos.

Ligers May Have Existed In The Wild

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Ligers are wonderful animals that are born from the breeding of a male lion and a female tiger, but these animals inherit the features of both their parents. Nonetheless, it seems that this combination produces a baby liger with more lionistic features than if the reverse pairing had happened. These animals are huge, looking as giant lions, featuring stripes. They are sociable like lions and can swim as tigers do, so even if this goes against their nature, these animals are amazing and special as they get the traits of their parents. Such creatures are usually larger than either of their parents and tend towards gigantism, so they also need a huge amount of food. Generally, these animals are sterile, but there have been cases that proved that it is not always like that.

Nevertheless, a lot of other things have to be discovered about them. Many zoos don’t want to host such animals as there is no value from a conservation point of view. In addition, they would need a lot of resources for that, which could be instead used to breed endangered species. However, there are also zoos who keep these animals because they make a lot of money out of people willing to admire these creatures. These animals cannot be found in the wild, but historically, the Asian subspecies of lion habitat overlapped with that of the tiger, so it’s possible that these creatures may have once existed in the wild.

Ligers are amazing animals, very sociable and they are admired by a lot of people all around the world. Due to their huge size, ligers look similar to their ancestors, which were also giant felines with long and powerful teeth. In case you want to find out which zoo hosts such wonderful and interesting animals, all you have to do is to search online and you will soon find out everything you need to know. These creatures are very interesting and scientists strive to discover new things about them and also about their habitat as many controversies that still haven’t been solved. Moreover, they have to find out if these animals lived indeed in the wild or if it’s just a story.

Ligers Are A Fascinating Hybrid Cross

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Ligers are one of the most interesting animals and a hybrid cross a male lion and a tigress, so it has the genus of both its parents. These animals are the biggest of all extant felines and they have inherited the features of their parents. They like to swim, which is typical for tigers, but they are also sociable, as lions. Such creatures live only in captivity as their parents are enemies and their habitats don’t overlap. Nonetheless, there are legends about these felines existing in the wild due to the fact that in the past, lions and tigers shared the same territories. The history of these animals dates back in the 19th century in India, when Etienne Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire made a plate of the baby of a tiger and a lion. In 1837, two liger babies were born and later, in 1903, such animals were described in the book Animal Life and the World of Nature.

These animals are huge, so they need a huge amount of food and also a large space where to live. A few scientists also believe that these animals have severe hormonal problems that cause infertility and a continuous growth all their life span. Others say that this happens because it takes longer until they reach their full adult size. 

Usually, ligers live between 15-25 years and, until 1943, were thought to be sterile. These felines can have various stripping patterns, but they can also inherit rosettes from the lion parent, while markings may be black, sandy or dark brown. Additionally, white tigers were crossed with lions to produce “white”, actually pale golden ligers. A lot of people are fascinated by these amazing animals and admire them a lot in the zoos, but even in captivity, these animals occur by accident. There are a few zoos in the world that host these beautiful and huge animals.  The most famous liger is Hercules, which was recognized by the Guinness Book World Records as being the largest cat on Earth. The animal is very healthy and appeared in many shows and it was presented in a Maxim article when it was only three years old, being one of the most famous animals in the world.

Ligers – How Many Are They?

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Ligers are very similar to tigons, half tigers, half lions. They are supposed to be bred unintentionally, but the number of them raises questions, as they are not a few. Normally, tigers and lions do not live together and they should not be kept together even in captivity. In theory everything is perfect, but in practice, it seems that the statements of those caring for this new species are not true. If the animals would be bred unintentionally, as in some cases tigers and lions share some space and might encounter in captivity, it would hot be such a high number of them all around the world. Apparently, in 2004, the number of animals was of about 100. All these were obviously living in captivity, as the species appeared thanks to captivity. There is no source that could confirm the actual number of felines which still live today, but according to speculations, there are about 30 left all around the world. Of course, a number higher than 100 would be awful, because it would mean that tigers and lions had new cubs and this is not a thing to be desired, as the animals are not very healthy.

However, 30 is also a bad number, because it confirms that these animals have serious health issues and vets are not capable of taking care of them. Breeders are those responsible for the continuity of this species, as they have important financial revenues thanks to these attractions. These felines represent something new and extraordinary for the zoo visitors that are eager to see how offspring of tigers and lions look. According to online sources, about 20 of 30 living in the world are located in the United States of America, where the law is not so strict.

Rumor has it that in Asian countries exist a large number of ligers, but it cannot be checked, as it is not even legal to breed or to raise these felines in Asia. Moreover, the fines for raising them are very important in relation to the income of people have. So, if ligers exists or not on the Asian continent, it is not sure. If the rumor is more than just simple gossip, it would mean that the number can be close to 100 once again. Unfortunately, at this point it cannot be truly revealed the actual number of this new species living all around the world.

Ligers In The United States Of America

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According to a recent study, the largest numbers of ligers in the world can be found in the United States of America. This country is also home to the largest number of tigers that live in captivity. Felines are very important in the country and the numbers related to the big cats living in America are astonishing. There are about 15,000 tigers, 10,000 lions and over 20,000 other felines. The species counted among the 20,000 include cougars, leopards and jaguars, among others. Even if there are so many animals that are considered endangered species, the law does not have any special requirements to zoo owners.

For example, if the administration of a zoo wants to crossbreed tigers and lions to have at least one liger, it is free to do it. In other parts of the world this is illegal, but in the US everything is possible. Even if tigers are endangered, zoo owners do not commit to save the species, but rather spend their time thinking how to create new ones that could draw more and more people in their parks. Outside the United States, the law is more harsh. In Asia, breeding new species is punished by the law. Raising a liger in Taiwan may lead to a fine of at least 1,500 US dollars, but the fines go up to 5,000 US dollars. A liger is not an endangered animal, so there should be no efforts to save this species. More than this, it is not a healthy animal and has a lot of problems once it reaches adulthood. It is true, cubs are very cute and funny and people want to pay a lot of money to see them, but this does not make it more ethical.

In the United States of America, there are many zoos that have ligers. These are spread all through the country, but the most known are those in Florida, Utah and Dakota. They always organize exhibitions to show the new and exotic animals and they also use them for educational purposes. Thanks to these activities, a lot of parents bring their children to see the big cats, which are new and interesting. Thanks to the money produced by these cats, the zoo gain enough to finance even other animals in the park and all kind of financial problems related to raising them dissipate.

Are Ligers Intentionally Bred?

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According to official sources, ligers were unintentionally bred from the first time. The problem is that more and more animals of this kind appeared through time and those speaking in name of their care takers revealed that the appearance of them was unintended. It is very had to believe such a thing, as most zoo owners and zoo keepers have enough space to keep lions and tigers separately in order to avoid the appearance of these felines and of those similar to them, tigons. A liger is the hybrid created by a male lion and a tiger female. A tigon is another hybrid, created by a female lion and a male tiger. These animals can be seen in various zoo around the world, which use them as a spectacular attraction meant to draw people to zoos. Because they have such a great success and zoo owners make a lot of money from people who want to see them and to take pictures of them, it is hard to believe that they are bred unintentionally. The explanation for the appearance of the cubs of both two new species is very simple, but not really convincing.

Apparently, lions and tigers are left in large spaces where they have freedom to walk around. Normally, they live separately, but as they are not in the wild, they have different reactions. People have mixed feelings about the cute cubs that appear and grow after lions and tigers mate. They are very beautiful and playful as they are babies, but have a lot of health problems growing up. Unfortunately, vets do not know how to deal with them, as they represent new species and they have unusual characteristics.

Although those that have zoos and raise ligers maintain their statements that these animals are not intentionally bred, the money problem arises. As they make lots of money thanks to these animals, because people pay to see them and also pay to buy merchandise with them (photo frames, shirts, shopping bags and other things), it is quite difficult to believe their statements. Their main care should be the health of the animals they have in charge, but in exchange, they offer more attention to their financial status, improved by the so-called sudden appearance of the two new species. Unfortunately, bigger problems may appear because of the fact that ligers and tigons may mate, too.

Famous Ligers – Hercules and Sinbad

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Ligers are nowadays known as some of the most beautiful and interesting animals in the world. They can easily impress with their amazing characteristics and sizes, but also with their friendly behavior. These animals are breed by crossing tigers and lions, even though the species has actually appeared by accident. The first liger was born in 1824, within a zoo in England. Since that moment, numerous other representatives of this species were born in zoos all around the world. Two of the most famous ones are Hercules and Sinbad. Hercules has become quite famous as the biggest liger in the world. He currently lives at the Jungle Island, in Florida, so anyone can visit Hercules there. Hercules has actually become quite a star. He has been featured in an impressive number of television series, starring for instance in shows such as Good Morning American and The Today Show.

Hercules is the largest non-obese liger ever born, actually being also listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest living cat on Earth. The liger star weighs more than 904 lb (410 kg). Due to his almost perfect body shape, Hercules is a really healthy animal, so there is no wonder that he is expected to live for long time. And the most curious fact about him is that Hercules was breed by accident, too. Nowadays, he surely is the star of the Jungle Island and one of the most beautiful and beloved animals in the world, although he is not the only one. Sinbad is another famous liger, who has been featured in various television shows. For instance, he starred on a National Geography Channel show. Sinbad is claimed to have the exact same weight as Hercules. He currently has 900 pounds.

Both Sinbad and Hercules are famous ligers and they actually are brothers. While Sinbad is nowadays believed to the tallest liger in the world, Hercules is the biggest one. They are friendly animals and they both love to swim, characteristic inherited from the mother tigress. Even though they are powerful and dangerous big cats, both Sinbad and Hercules are sociable animals. They have no medical problems and are believed to live for many years, as they are both very healthy. They can run at speeds of up to 50 mph and they can eat 100 pounds of meat at every meal.

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