Ligers – Amazing History Facts

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By now, you have surely heard about ligers. They are some of the most impressive, interesting and big animals in the world. Ligers can easily amaze everyone, as they are cute, intelligent and really friendly, despite their huge dimensions. Everyone can see ligers in zoos and visiting and watching these great animals will surely be a fascinating experience for all individuals. However, there are some facts less known about ligers and they include aspects linked to the history of these great animals. Ligers are without a doubt beautiful, but you have to know that the species has only appeared in the 19th century, in India. The first liger was created in 1798, through the breeding of a lion and a tigress.

Since that moment, many ligers were born in zoos all around the world. So, one of the most important facts about ligers is that they can only be born in captivity. As ligers are actually born to a lion father and a tigress mother, they cannot be formed in the wild, as tigers and lions do not live in the same environments. Starting with 1837, liger cubs where brought to the United Kingdom and in 1935, four ligers were already living in South Africa, within a zoo. One of the most curious facts about the history of this specie is that ligers have become really common in zoos today. Even though there are some safety concerns linked to the way ligers are born, specialists claiming that the baby liger is too large to be carried by a mom tigress, ligers are amazingly popular.

Hercules is one of the most famous ligers known nowadays. And there is no wonder that people from all around the world want to see him, as Hercules is really beautiful. And that is not all. Hercules is considered to be one of the most impressive individual of this specie, as he is the largest liger known, being actually recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records. Hercules has been listed as the largest non-obese living cat on Earth. The beautiful liger has 904 lb.

Ligers Are Not an Act of Nature

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Ligers are some of the most fascinating animals in the world. The reason why they are so appealing to both researchers and regular people is the fact that they are the offspring of two species that would never breed in the wild: lions and tigers. Not only would lions and tigers not interbreed in the wild because they are part of different species, but also because they live in different geographical areas. Therefore, ligers are not an act of nature. Even though some zoologists claim that there have been cases when lions and tigers have interbreed in captivity, the truth is that ligers do not occur in nature.

This means that ligers are “produced” in laboratories. However, it is not nice to fool mother nature. As ligers are born to tigress mothers and lion fathers, they have inherited characteristics from both of these species. Ligers love to swim. Tigers love that too, but lions hate it. Ligers are also very sociable animals, just like lions. Not the same thing ca be said about tigers. Besides these interesting characteristics, the result of the union between tigresses and lions have created a weak hybrid. More often than not, tigresses require a C-section to be able to deliver the baby ligers. This is because ligers reach impressive sizes even when they are in the womb, therefore giving birth to them can be fatal for the tigress.

The reason why ligers grow to such impressive sizes is the fact that they lack a growth-inhabiting gene. This means that ligers grow throughout a very large portion of their lives without stopping and are prone to gigantism. Hybridization has also led to ligers having numerous health problems caused by genetic abnormalities and neurological defects. Not to mention that many ligers do not make it and fie within just a few days or weeks of birth. Ligers are also prone to some terrible diseases, including cancers and arthritis. Despite of all their health problems and risks, ligers are known to have a long lifespan. A ligress (meaning a female liger) holds the longevity record of 24 years. However, ligers are not an act of nature and therefore can develop serious problems.

The Massively Sized Ligers

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Currently, ligers are the biggest feline species in the world. Even though they are the result of hybridization, they are still very much considered by specialists and are viewed as remarkable creatures. The issue of the ligers has been placed under controversy and under all sorts of problems and issues ever since they first appeared in the public eye. The combination of lions and tigers into the breeding process is something considered in the negative way by many specialists, even if the two species come from the same lines of past feline exemplars. Most of the ligers have been born in captivity, due to the fact that many zoo owners kept the felines together in the same cage. Some claimed to lack the space and the money needed, while others were only looking to make their facility more attractive for people.

The size of the ligers is one of the most debated topics nowadays. Their opposite breeding hybrid mix, the tigons, are extremely small as opposed to the creating species. However, the ligers are quite large. In fact, they have been named the largest felines on the planet, after numerous researches have been made on the possibilities surfacing from their initial development. The reason for the weight and height of the ligers could be based on the fact that the male genetics come from a lion. Even so, the cubs end up overgrowing these parameters as presented in the case of the parents. In addition to growing more, the ligers grow faster as well.

From the fact that the ligers are so massive and developed, many occurrences in which they become a show appeared. Unfortunately, there are only problems that come out of the fact that these exemplars are so much bigger than others from the initial moments of their life. A rapid bodily evolution can create many problems and instabilities, which will lead to the improper maturity of the cub. Therefore, the issue of the ligers must be kept under observation and considered form all the aspects and points of view that can be found. Their issue is still researched by specialists.

Ligers – The Ethics

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People are always extremely curious, as this is a part of their nature. Sometimes, this is not very healthy and leads to wacky inventions that also includes other that have no fault. Because of this unlimited curiosity, some zoo employees, from several zoological gardens from all around the world decided to create ligers. Ligers are a combination between male lions and female tigresses and although for the first time they appeared from an accident, in the last years, they were practically “produced” by people who are very greedy and dream to get rich thanks to these poor animals. In the wild, tigers and lions do not even have the possibility to meet, so there is no chance to naturally obtain ligers. The first ligers appeared in a zoo when a lion mated with a tigress and because the animals were so special, the owners of the zoo decided to keep mating them.

Of course, the example was copied and now ligers are born all around the world. Unfortunately, ligers have health issues, but this does not stops those who are making money out of this business. Ligers cannot be seen anywhere and because of this, those who have them proudly display them. People are very curious of ligers, mostly because the vast majority of them lack education and are not aware of what these animals are going through. People are also curious and ligers are curiosities of the nature, so they are eager to pay to see such animals.

Although ligers are very cute when they are cubs and very impressive when they are adults, their development is problematic and this is one thing that is questioned by those that wonder if creating in purpose ligers is OK. The animals have a lot of health issues and most vets do not know how to properly take care of them, because they never met such animals and they never studied them while in school. The debate over the existence of ligers will continue until the law will regulate their existence. As this is not a legal issue yet, the problem does not affect does that support this practice, yet.

Ligers – Hybrid Wonders

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Who would have ever thought that lions and tigers may interbreed to cause hybrid wonders like the ligers and the tigons? Ligers are hybrid crosses between male lions and tigresses, while tigons are hybrid crosses between male tigers and lionesses. Although tigons are also very fascinating, ligers have grown in popularity due to their amazing features and sizes. Until present day, ligers are the largest cats to have ever lived on this planet. The reason behind this fact may be the imprinted genes, which can cause ligers to reach impressive sizes, weighing up to 1500 pounds and being up to 12 feet tall when standing on their hind legs.

The history of ligers goes back to 1824, when these hybrids were born in England, by accident. Since then, numerous other ligers have been “created” artificially or in captivity. This is why ligers live in zoos and sanctuaries, having no notion of what the wild is. The truth is that ligers are man-made creations, since their parents would have never cross paths in the wild, given the different geographical areas in which they normally live. Nevertheless, ligers get some of the traits from both species, making them hybrid wonders. Lions may hate water, but ligers surely do love to swim! Their “vocabulary” consists of both lion- and tiger-specific sounds, including tiger-like chuffs and lion-like roars. Their behavior is also mixture of lions’ and tigers’ characteristics.

The most “famous” liger is Hercules, a beautiful creature which lives at Jungle Island in Florida, United States. Hercules has even starred on the Today Show and Good Morning America! Sinbad is another famous liger, very similar to Hercules. These animals are obvious proof that hybrid species can be wonderful and not dangerous at all. If you wish to see ligers, the only places where you can do that is in sanctuaries and certain zoos. Once you see them, ligers will surely impress you. These hybrid wonders are one of a kind, so do not leave without taking a picture!

Biggest Feline Species – Ligers

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The ligers come from the breeding of a male lion and a female tiger. Due to the mixture of the two species of felines, the biggest type of cats appeared. Issues connected to the apparition of the ligers focus on the fact that with this massive body of the felines come numerous health problems and difficulties. In addition to this, it has been suspected that the ligers have come up on an intentional basis. This refers to the fact that some zoo owners keep their felines together. The result are these mixture cubs, which should not have been conceived. The owners claim accidental breeding and the result of the large felines, but the laws enforce that the lions and the tigers should not be kept together. Many believe that this is a publicity stunt taken to create more revenue for the zoos. Accidental or not, the mixture of the two species has lead to the formation of the largest feline species – the ligers.

The issue of their size is of massive importance from the beginning. Since the male lion conceives the cubs with a female tiger, the cubs are unusual in size. They replicate the normal size of lion cubs and not that of tiger cubs. As a result, the cubs are hard to carry by the female tiger, causing health problems and difficulties for the mother, as well as for the cubs. Even the ligers that grow to maturity end up having major problems, due to their size. This is because they are normally kept in contained spaces and are unable to move as much as they should. In addition to this, the problems issued at birth continue to cause damage to the growth of the body. Even though the fact that the ligers are the biggest feline species is something of interest and attraction, the matter is very dangerous for the health of the felines. It is important to remember that the ligers have been formed through an unusual breeding. Therefore, the ligers are a controversial matter of our modern society and their persistence as species is questioned.

Kids Are Impressed By Ligers

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The ligers are amazing animals, reminding us of those incredible ancient huge cats.The ligers are different from so many cats we know. They are huge, look great and are the result of artificial mating between a lion and a tigress, but there were cases when natural matings happened in several zoos. No matter how many things you have read about ligers and how many pictures you have admired on the Internet, all these are incomparable with seeing them live at the zoo. Their huge size is caused by their genes. Ligers have problems with fertility, but there is no obvious evidence for this theory. To grow that much, ligers need a lot of food daily, so zoo employers have to take a lot of care of them and bring them food many times a day.

Ligers have a fur which entwines features from both their parents. Additionally, ligers behaviour also shows us that they are social as lions and love water as tigers. Ligers look amazing, but some do not agree with artificial mating, considering it against nature. Ligers are huge and anyone who sees them is impressed. If you go on a trip with your kids, see if there are zoos which keep ligers. The little ones will love them and will be completely amazed.

Ligers are usually mild and do not attack, but they are dangerous because of their huge size. These animals are very beautiful and impressive, but still there are many controversies about them. They are also a great proof that science has advanced a lot and that  that people can do so much, changing a lot of things, even some animals. Having the opportunity to see these creatures is a great thing that should not be missed. It is an interesting and fascinating experience that will amaze anyone. As they do not live in the wild, but only in the zoos, this is the only opportunity to admire them and should not be missed.

Ligers In Zoos

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Ligers are spectacular animals, being absolutely unique in the world. In fact, ligers have occurred by accident in captivity and numerous zoos from all around the world currently home this wonderful specie. A liger is a hybrid between a lion and a tigress, being much bigger than both parents. A liger weights in average 400 kilograms, inheriting characteristics from tigers and lions, as well. For instance, the liger loves to swim. Seeing these wonderful animals in zoos will surely be an exciting experience, as there is really no way you will not be both charmed and amazed by ligers. 

The zoos within the United States currently host the largest number of ligers, compared to any other country all around the world. So, we can surely say that the United States is the home of numerous ligers, statistics showing that the country homes more than 20,000 animals which can be included in the category of big cats, including also ligers. Breeding ligers is legal in the United States, and so these wonderful animals can be visited all around the country, including the zoos in Florida, Utah or Naples, Dakota and Miami zoos. Various animals exhibitions are held all around the country, the most famous ones being in Shambala, Orangutans and Simangs. In these places, ligers actually are the most important attractions.

Although ligers can be visited in many zoos, there also are countries in which the breeding of ligers has been banned. For instance, in 2010 a man has been charged for illegally breeding ligers. The first ligers to be born in Taiwan have however managed to change the way people in this country saw the amazing specie. They were born on August 15 in a private zoo, while their pictures circulated over the Internet for months. Well, authorities did not agree with the facts, although the zoo owner claimed that the breeding was actually an accident which occurred within the zoo, as tigers and lions were kept in the same enclosure. Despite this aspect, Taiwan’s authorities claimed that protected species breeding is illegal, as they have numerous defects, being for instance infertile. So, breeding them would be a cruel thing to do from this point of view.

Interesting Facts About Ligers

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Due to the the fact that lions and tigers live in different parts of the world, it is highly unlikely that they would ever breed. However, there is a unique species that seems to have the characteristics of both the lion and the tiger. These new animals are called ligers. Ligers live in the captivity of Zoos and animal centres. Ligers are among the largest species of felines, known to grow up to 12 feet tall when standing on their hind legs.

Ligers are the result of mating a female Tiger with a male Lion. Although ligers share similar characteristics with both the animals, they tend to exceed the size of both their parents. Ligers tend to be more like lions, rather than tigers. Ligers are enormous animals, that have a large muscular body and broad head and tend to have sandy or dark yellow fur. The fur is covered in faint stripes inherited on the maternal side. Ligers have more of a lion-like appearance, including the manes of the lion males. Even though the mane of ligers are not that impressive as that of an adult lion, they can grow up quite large.

Since ligers are a result of either accidental or deliberate human intervention, most of the specimens live in Zoos around the world. Although the natural habitat of ligers would be very similar to that of a tiger, the most known ligers are found in caged enclosures. Even if ligers are a combination of the world’s two most ferocious predators, the animal is fairly gentle and docile, especially in the process of human interaction. Due to the fact that ligers are hybrid animals, their instincts seem to be mixed at times. Ligers love swimming, a feature inherited from tigers. Another interesting thing about ligers is their roar, which is a unique sound, a combination between the roar of the lion and that of the tiger. In terms of fertility, hybrid ligers are sterile. Female ligers can produce offsprings, but male ligers are seldom fertile. Ligers have no conservation status, since they do not belong in any species category. However, they are interesting animals to study.

Ligers and Tigons – Breeding Mixes

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Over the course of the years, many wildlife species have appeared and disappeared. Next to the natural course in which these have came into or left the attention of the human world, numerous artificial and captivity breedings have occurred. One of the latest discoveries in this respect are the Ligers and Tigons. The Ligers are a crossbreed between a male lion and a female tiger, while the Tigons come from a male tiger and a female lion. These two species, the Ligers and the Tigons, have been very fascinating at first. Most of them appeared in zoos and other parks, in which, due to the cohabitation of the felines, these ended up reproducing with another partner. The fact that the lions and the tigers are kept together is actually illegal and should be avoided, however many zoos claim that the lack of space lead to the situation. Even so, the most recent opinions on the matter of the Ligers and of the Tigons have shifted completely. It has became obvious that these crossbreeds surfaced intentionally and that the owners of the zoos ensured the process in order to gain another attraction for their facility.

The legal issues which concerned the actions of the owners in the formation of new baby Ligers or Tigons were only a part of the concerning aspects involved. The search continues in these institutions to see if in fact the felines could not have been held separately or if the owner was trying to gain more attention for the zoo. The animal protection groups researched the matter as well. They brought information to the public, which showed that the baby Ligers and Tigons born in captivity had many health problems. The difficult mixture of the felines lead to the apparition of unhealthy Ligers and Tigons. In addition to this, the mothers had many problems at birth, due to the fact that the baby Ligers, for example, were a lot bigger than the ones carried by the female tiger. There are still many issued that have not be solved in the matter of the Ligers and of the Tigons.

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